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Welcome to the Shropshire Spice Company

The Shropshire Spice Company is today perhaps best know for its range of Gourmet Stuffings. Offering imaginative blends such as Sage, Red Pepper & Shallot as well as family favourites such as Sage & Onion, the stuffings are available in specialist outlets as well as selected supermarkets up and down the country. Since winning the Soil Association certificate the company has also launched a selection of completely organic stuffings.

To add to their range of exclusive products, The Shropshire Spice Company offers a selection of flavoured dips as well as speciality spice blends to be added to drinks such as mulled wine. All are packaged in a dried form so they can be kept as store cupboard ingredients for the unexpected visitor or the occasional luxury.

Wild Sage and Roast Onion Stuffing



BRC  -  Certificated Food



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